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Jun 22, 2015

Dubliners 100 is a collection of 15 short stories, just like James Joyce's original short story collection, Dubliners, but each one written by a contemporary Irish wirter. They are not re-written stories or modernizations of the original work, but editor Thomas Morris thought of the idea of making 15 "cover versions" like in pop music.

Dubliners 100 was released on the 100th anniversary of the publishing of Joyce's Dubliners. While Joyce wrote about the everyday middle-class people of Dublin, the new stories reflect these people 100 years later and speaks to our time.

Marie chats with Thomas Morris, the editor of Dubliners 100 about how he got the idea for the book and how the project got started. He talks about how he chose well-known contemporary Irish authors as well as up and coming emerging writers. Thomas discussed how these creative works of fiction have also become commentary and interpretation of the original Joyce.

Authors contributing to the stories in Dubliners 100 are: Patrick McCabe, Mary Morrissy, John Boyne, Donal Ryan, Andrew Fox, Evelyn Conlon, Oona Frawley, John Kelly, Belinda McKeon, Michèle Forbes, Paul Murray, Eimear McBride, Elske Rahill, Sam Coll, Peter Murphy, and including an Introduction by Thomas Morris.