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Jul 15, 2015

Three-time Emmy award winning animation director for The Simpsons, Mark Kirkland, chats with Marie about all the aspects of his career as an artist: drawing, animation, directing, and comedy.

He talks about his beginnings drawing with his father, the famous photographer, Douglas Kirkland. About his time as a student learning from legendary Disney animators who worked on films like Bambi, Snow White, and Fantasia. He talks about the start of his career at Hanna-Barbera and how that prepared him for becoming a director on The Simpsons, not long after the show started, while it was still in its first season.

Mark shares a lot of what happens behind the scenes to create an episode of The Simpsons, how he sits in on table reads to create new characters, how he's taken acting classes to bring reality to his animations, how he inspires his team, and how he brought in his own instrument as a model for Lisa's saxophone!

Grandma Gazella
two and a half years ago

What a Fabulous Interview!!! I so enjoyed hearing about the many artistic adventures of Mark Kirkland- especially his time with Disney. I loved the way the older artists helped and influenced the younger animators. I liked hearing how Mark never gave up, even when the going got rough, and made any concessions needed to learn all he could from the Masters. His story makes me believe that all we learn and pursue, when we are young, help to lead us to what we are meant to achieve when we are older. Marie always seems to ask the most intriguing and on-target questions, no matter the subject. She is well schooled in every Art Form, and it is obvious she is thoroughly involved and interested in all the talented artists she interviews. I especially found it fascinating how Mark took acting to help him in his animation. It makes you stop and realize what all is involved in successful is a lot deeper than what we would expect. I CAN'T WAIT for the second upcoming Podcast with Mark and Marie!!