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Sep 7, 2015

Josh Salsbury was a trombonist in the freelance scene in LA. He had his own ensemble and was starting to play Hollywood blockbuster movie soundtracks when he decided to give up the trombone and pursue his new dream of woodworking. Josh now works full time designing and buliding custom furniture by hand.

Josh talks very honestly and openly about his journey, and the inner doubts and struggles he battled with along the way to finally having the realization that being a musician just wasn’t for him. Luckily for Josh, his passion for woodworking fulfilled all the creative aspects of being a musician that he loved, while being a better fit for him as a profession overall. 

Josh talks about his experiences as a trombonist, and especially the incredible experience of playing the soundtrack for Spiderman 3. He chats with Marie about the LA freelance scene and what it’s like when you finally get called to play the big movie soundtracks.

We also talk about Josh’s life now – how he considers making his customized and individual pieces of furniture as a creative art like music, and how interestingly enough, the same challenges he faced as a trombonist carried over into woodworking as well.

Josh works as a freelance and independent furniture maker – but he also a member working at the Offerman woodshop, a workshop owned a run by the television actor, Nick Offerman.